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About Us

If you want the latest in mobile technology at very competitive prices you've come to the right place.

Skark Distribution Ltd is one of the UK's fastest growing e-commerce Company deals in Mobile phones & Consumer Electronics includingPAYG /Sim Free Mobile Phones,Cameras, Accessories and many more. We are now one of the leading suppliers of Mobile Phone Handsets & Gadgets at prices more competitive than most wholesale distributors. We extensively research far and wide for the best deals and pass on the benefits straight to our customers. We are a Mobile Phone, Mobile Phone Accessories & Consumer Electronics online store. We have over 4 years of experience in the mobile phone industry with over 4 years trading online on Surveillane system.

We strive to offer the best prices, together with good service to provide a smooth Internet ordering experience, we have great understanding with what the consumer actually wants so we cater for their needs giving them great brands, very competitive prices and fast delivery .

We define our mission as a perfect business partnership. We strive to achieve excellence in sales marketing performance, customer service, and wholesale innovation. By continuously refining our distribution solutions, we are able to identify and acquire new sales channels, monitor changes in the industry, and create compelling marketplace opportunities for our valued customers not only in the U.K but all over the world.

Our Values


Providing business customers with unique opportunities for maximizing their sales and for strengthening business relationships. 
The Company's business formula remains straightforward:    

  • Bring the latest GSM technology to our clients at very reasonable price.
  • Add value in every respect.
  • Generate more sales and higher profits for our B2B partners.

Why choose Skark Distribution Ltd

Extensive and innovative product range
White labelling solutions
Storage, fulfilment and distribution services
Market insight and extensive product knowledge
Competitive pricing strategies
Customer marketing programmes
Account management and customer service

Our Main Advantages


  • Professional and experienced team.
  • Efficient department structure.
  • Thorough task planning and in-time performance.
  • Constant quality control.
  • Flexibility.
  • Aiming at achieving results.